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We are professionals in real estate.

If you are seeking for a one-stop-shop property agency, then we are proud to offer our expertise in interior design, property hunting & renovation.
Since 2015, our team has been developing and rethinking interior design projects, transforming them into contemporary, high-quality spaces while preserving the original building's essence.
We have a track record of successfully hunting and finding several unique properties for our clients. Our team provides the necessary assistance to execute their renovation projects, ensuring they meet their expectations and are completed with exceptional quality.


To deliver exceptional results and take great pride in our work. We serve tirelessly to ensure that every detail is perfect, from the initial design concept to the final finishing touches.


We help you find, design and renovate your property from A to Z!


Long story short, we want to make your life easier and make your dreams come true when acquiring, designing and renovating the property you always dreamed of.


From finding the property, to remodeling it to your needs, to decorating and furnishing the space so that it reflects your personality.


With our network, we have access to ´´off-market´´ properties, our contacts help you through legal manners, our reliable construction partners and local suppliers provide the best quality materials and finishes -  your one-stop property agency.


We gather all that you need to make your project as simple and comfortable as possible.


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  1. Free consultation: We start with a call to understand your goals for acquiring a property or starting a project.

  2. Property hunting: We help you find the perfect property through our network of off-market properties and planners so you can save time on unsuitable properties.

  3. Interior design: This crucial step is essential in achieving your desired harmonious environment. We take care of all legal matters to ensure the final result is exactly what you want.

  4. Home renovations: We renovate your property to your specific taste and needs after discussing ideas to ensure it's the exact property of your dreams. You can be involved throughout the process and follow up with all stages.

  5. Project complete: Your property is complete and exactly as you envisioned it! Now you are a valued member of the!


De Leeuw is an accomplished interior architect with a wealth of international experience in business development for luxury fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent.


He returned to his passion for interior design and real estate, expanding his creative activities with and He focuses on delivering high-quality, well-designed projects in Lisbon and surrounding areas, with a strong dedication to perfection in workmanship and architecture.

Kurt De Leeuw | best interior designers Lisbon | Portugal real estate | Home renovations Portugal | Home decoration services | Home staging
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