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Four Bedroom House at Graça |  Lisbon

JoseManuelFerrao2023_012 (2).jpg

Kitchen and living room

JoseManuelFerrao2023_001 (2).jpg


JoseManuelFerrao2023_002 (2).jpg


JoseManuelFerrao2023_004 (1).jpg


JoseManuelFerrao2023_003 (1).jpg

1 Floor - Corridor

JoseManuelFerrao2023_006 (1).jpg

Social Bathroom

JoseManuelFerrao2023_005 (1).jpg

Bedroom corner - Round Detail

JoseManuelFerrao2023_007 (1).jpg
JoseManuelFerrao2023_009 (2).jpg

2 Floor - Corridor

Disco Bathroom

JoseManuelFerrao2023_010 (2).jpg

Disco Bathroom

JoseManuelFerrao2023_008 (1).jpg

Disco Bathroom

JoseManuelFerrao2023_015 (3).jpg
JoseManuelFerrao2023_018 (1).jpg
JoseManuelFerrao2023_017 (2).jpg

Master Bathroom

Location - Lisbon, Portugal

Area - 240m2

Phase - Build

Year - 2023/2024

JoseManuelFerrao2023_011 (1).jpg
JoseManuelFerrao2023_013 (3).jpg

The Graça91 house consists of 4 floors, it was completely transformed, today it consists of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen integrated with the living room creating a cozy and completely modern living area.

The apartment has black details and curved corners that guide the chosen design, leaving the house with the necessary modernity and a unique touch of personality.

​The apartment was completely renovated by the ITSK studio.

Living Room


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