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"Portugal: The Cookbook – A Culinary Journey"


Portugal's rich and globally-influenced food culture is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. With over 550 classic and contemporary recipes curated by the acclaimed chef Leandro Carreira, "Portugal: The Cookbook" is your passport to the heart of Portuguese cuisine.


This book transports you to every corner of Portugal, offering a diverse culinary experience. From delectable fish and shellfish dishes along the Algarve coast to hearty stews from the Douro Valley and the iconic pastries of Lisbon, this culinary journey has it all.


Chef Leandro Carreira has delved deep into the culinary heritage of Portugal, presenting over 550 traditional recipes that cater to home cooks, showcasing the country's vast and varied food culture.


Portugal's culinary influence extends far beyond its borders, and this book is a testament to its global impact. It's an invitation to savor the flavors, history, and traditions that make Portuguese cuisine a culinary destination in its own right.


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Portugal The Cookbook | Leandro Carreira

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