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Why Work with One stop property agency in Lisbon. helps you realize your private and commercial interior design projects from A to Z. Whether a small remodelling project or a full renovation in Portugal; we go beyond the obvious to realize your wishes and ideas.

Why Work with

We start by listening to your wishes, ideas and expectations. Followed by a proposal of the design that best fits your needs, budget and personal taste.

We Care

We care about your projects as if they were our own, therefore we collaborate with the best contractors and producers for marble, tiles, wood and other materials.

“ We care about your projects as if they were our own”

Every project is an opportunity for a new alternative approach and ideas,

We plan, research, coordinate, and manage all Interior Design Projects.

Our Sourcing Process

We mostly source local, always aware of the environmental impact in the choices we make for workmanship and architecture.

We are also very proud of the Portuguese artisans and like to incorporate original work in our designs.

Sustainable Interior Design

As we are part of the sustainable movement, sustainable interior design is part of our design process - we think about energy sufficiency, air-quality, durability and other elements to turn a project sustainable, healthy and planet friendly - we do think that small changes can make a huge difference!

Biophilic Design

We love to be in nature and we love to stay connected with nature - therefore we like to bring elements and reference back in our designs - biophilic design helps to improve health, productivity and creativity while at the same time decreasing stress and bringing an overall better well-being.

We aim High

Our aim is to deliver high end finishings, for which we have sought and found the best professionals and artisans.

We offer decoration and home staging services, to make your space feel warm and personal.

Ready to live in or ready to sell on the competitive real estate market.

Why Work with


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