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Is Portugal the New Californian Dream?

Is Portugal the New Californian Dream? |

It is well known that Portugal has become an essential objective for Californians looking for new experiences and reinvention. People move to Portugal for several reasons: its warm climate, security and for work/business opportunities. It's easy to see many Californians in Portuguese cities. The cost of living is less than half that of California, the wine is cheap and of high quality and the workforce in California that was devastated by the pandemic, in Portugal there is formal growth of jobs and opportunities.

Lisbon today has a diverse expatriate community: Brazilians, French, Ukrainians, Brits, Africans, Italians, and, progressively, Californians. In 2019, the U.S. migration to Lisbon and Porto jumped 33%.

There are many reasons that lead Californians to choose Portugal, today the country has managed to attract people to look at its qualities, it is easy to see that those who once came as tourists intend to start a new story on this side of the Atlantic.

The cost of living is less than half that of California

On so many levels, the nation can look like California's European twin, but without the violence and with more opportunities. Portugal has many attractions for those who want to move to it.

Check out some of them below


Lisbon strategic location, close to the sea and in the center of the country, represents access to beaches known worldwide by surfers, such as Nazaré and Ericeira, which are only 30 minutes away from the capital.


Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, being, after Athens, the second oldest European capital. It is therefore full of history and architectural monuments that lead us to travel to what was once the center of the ancient Portuguese empire.


Anyone who has traveled to Portugal knows that one of the country's singularities its the gastronomy.

Pasteis de Nata, cod fish and Portuguese sweets are known worldwide and deserve all the popularity that they have.

Food with spices, fresh and with an olive oil produced in the country that is divine.

The Portuguese are famous for their seafood, especially cod, so it's impossible to live in the country and not enjoy this dish on several occasions.

Even so, the meats and other side dishes are equally tasty and the always varied menu with soup and lots of vegetables is another point to consider to motivate yourself to live here.


In addition to an attractive quality of life, the Institute for Economy and Peace ranked Portugal as one of the safest in the world.

The country appeared in fourth place in the ranking, behind Iceland, New Zealand, and Denmark.

Therefore, it ranks second among the safest countries in the European Union.

Once criticized as Europe’s budget-vacation goal, Portugal is currently the best destination for tourism in Europe and has been considered that way for a long time.

Cost of Living

The new opportunity that many persons have to work from any place just raises Portugal's charm. A relativety low cost of living, Portugal is the most affordable country in western Europe.

The prices in Portugal are generally most expensive in the capital, however, prices in other cities are considerably cheaper than in other European countries, like food, transport and housing prices are much more attractive in smaller cities, and as the country has a small area, it is possible to be less than an hour from a large center and live in a smaller city and pay less.

Golden Visa

In Portugal there is no prohibition for foreigners to purchase a property, when buying a property worth €500,000 in Portugal, it is possible to acquire a Golden Visa, which would mean that you will receive a residence permit in Portugal for you and your dependents.

How can help you

So the attractions are numerous, Portugal has good temperatures, lovely beaches, castles, mountains, and a diverse nightlife, making the country increasingly attractive to visitors, after all the nation offers a balance between fun and serious activities that particularly younger Americans request.

The real estate market is heating up in the country and what we provide is the opportunity to find your next home in this new California.

The work of searching and visiting homes remains with us and you are only responsible for the fun part of dreaming about your next home.

We streamline and instruct for Golden Visa, government co-payment programs, and even decoration and creating the space of your dreams.


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