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Portuguese Government Support for Sustainable Buildings

Portuguese Government Support for Sustainable Buildings |

Support Program

The Environmental Fund's “Program to Support More Sustainable Buildings”, launched within the scope of the Recovery and Resilience Program, has already financed more than 25 million euros.

In September 2020, the Portuguese government launched the Support Program for more Sustainable Buildings, with the huge search running out of funds in the first phase, which leads to a second phase in 2021, continuing and aiming to incorporate some improvements compared to the first phase.

During the first phase of the Program, it was possible to leverage around 21 million euros in investment that contributed to promoting economic dynamism, in addition to contributing to more energy and water efficient buildings, it collaborates with the environment and with the creation of a more sustainable city.

The program, financed by the Environmental Fund, will support measures and interventions in 85%, up to the limit value established by type of project. The person who applies for the program will have a limit of 15,000 euros in total, and for an autonomous fraction or single-family building the maximum limit is 7,500 euros.


The program aims to support and finance measures that promote decarbonization, energy efficiency, water efficiency and the circular economy in buildings, contributing to the improvement of the energy and environmental performance of buildings.

It is intended, in particular, that the supported measures can lead, on average, to at least 30% reduction in primary energy consumption in the intervention buildings.

Are Eligible

This program includes:

• Existing single-family housing buildings, as well as multi-family housing buildings or their autonomous fractions, licensed and built for housing until December 31, 2006, throughout the national territory.

• Existing single-family housing buildings, as well as multi-family housing buildings or their autonomous fractions, licensed and built for housing until July 1, 2021, being eligible for financing only for interventions included in typologies 3, 4, 5 and 6.

• Persons who prove their ownership of the right to carry out interventions in the candidate properties, including their owners and co-owners. The proof can be done through any document for the purpose, namely Urban Land Booklet, Certificate or Deed.

Portuguese Government Support for Sustainable Buildings |

Types of projects

limits and participation rates

Applicants are limited to a maximum total incentive of:

• €7,500 (seven thousand and five hundred euros) per single-family housing building or autonomous fraction

• €15,000 (fifteen thousand euros) in the particular case of a multi-family residential building (building) in total ownership.

The purpose of the program is to support applications up to the maximum limit of eligible expenses supported by the Environmental Fund (FA) for each typology. If the candidate or housing has already had their interventions supported in the 1st phase of the program, the amounts supported since September 7, 2020 are deducted from the amounts.

Portuguese Government Support for Sustainable Buildings |

Application deadline

The submission of applications for the incentive was expected to take place by November 30, 2021 at 23.59 h, however, the deadline for submission for the Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings was extended until March 31, 2022, with a reinforcement of 15 million euros or until the date when it is foreseeable that the foreseen allocation will be exhausted.

Analysis and decision

The analysis is based only on the documents and data presented at the time of the submitted application and from this, the compliance with the eligibility criteria applicable to the applied project is verified, after submission, documentation or clarification cannot be included. After the analysis, the application will be considered “eligible” or “not eligible”.

Required documents

No. Citizen or ID card

Certificate of non-debt to AT or consultation authorization

Certificate of non-debt to the SS or consultation authorization



Energy certificate, when applicable

building booklet

housing permit


Intervention photographic evidence (before and after)


Class + energy label

system energy label

Installer technicians certificate

ANQUIP Certification

Certification or label related to ecomaterials

We are able to help you make your home more efficient, sustainable and help you to receive an incentive from the government.

Contact us and find out how we can help you be eligible for this program.

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