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How Can a Property Hunter in Lisbon Help You?

The best opportunity for the best price!

How Can a Property Hunter Help You  |

If you are thinking to buy a property in Portugal to live in, as a rental investment, or as a Golden Visa investment and you don’t have time to search, you live abroad?

You can choose to get the help of an expert with excellent knowledge of the real-estate market.

"A Property Hunter or Buyers Agent, can help and advice you in this process, we are not Real Estate Agents, we work with your interest in mind to get you the best opportunity for the best price."

Our job is to interpret your requirements to present you only the properties that best meet your needs. We will also manage all administrative and legal requirements, check the technical aspects of the property and negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible price.

Our objective is to make the search, selection and acquisition process of your property easier, avoiding possible surprises.

Property Hunting

Unlike a traditional reale state agency, we are not limited by a portfolio of properties. We prospect the entire market and search throughout all available channels to present to you only the assets that best meet your demand. Thanks to our network of collaborators, we also have access to “off-market” properties that are not yet published.

Therefore, we have no interest in selling you a specific property, but finding the one that really suits your needs.

Save you Money

Expert in the real estate sector, we negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best conditions and the best selling price possible.

Thanks to our knowledge of the real estate market and the area in which we operate, we can save you between 5% and 15 % of the selling price announced by the seller.

Save your Time

Thanks to our tailored search service, we pre-select the properties that best meet your needs, and visit them beforehand in order to save you the maximum amount of time.

We save you 70% of the visits made with a conventional real estate agency, avoiding unnecessary visits to properties that do not meet your expectations.

Count on us!

For all these reasons, it is highly recommended to hire a Property Hunter with an extensive knowledge of the market, to assist you throughout the entire purchasing process of your property and to avoid any possible surprises while defending your interests.

We're available to help if you are looking to invest or buy a property in Portugal, we offer you transparency, legal and technical advice in a multilingual team.


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