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What Is the Relationship between Interior and Urban Design?

Interior and urban design are two closely related disciplines used to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. Although these two types of design are often used separately, they are inextricably linked and work together to create the built environment.

The relationship between interior and urban design is a complex one and is often overlooked when considering the bigger picture of a city or town. Interior design focuses on the design of the interior spaces of a building, while urban design is concerned with the design of the exterior spaces of a city or town. While they may seem like two distinct disciplines, they actually have a lot in common.

What Is Interior Design

Interior design is focused on creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces within a building, with considerations for the space’s purpose, layout, and overall atmosphere. It is concerned with the design of individual spaces and interior elements, such as furniture, lighting, fabrics, and materials. Interior design also takes into account the psychological and emotional effects of the design.

Interior design focuses on the arrangement of furniture, the selection of colours and materials, and the overall aesthetic of the space. It is a creative practice that seeks to create comfortable and attractive interior environments that are functional and meet the needs of the people who use them.

What Is Urban Design

Urban design looks at the larger-scale environment outside of individual buildings. It is concerned with the overall look and feel of the area, its transportation and infrastructure, and the relationship between buildings and open spaces. It looks at the city's layout and how it functions in terms of safety, accessibility, and its impact on the environment.

Urban design seeks to create an environment that is safe, attractive and enjoyable. It is a holistic approach to the planning and development of cities, towns and neighbourhoods.

What Do Interior Design and Urban Design Have in Common

For starters, both interior and urban design involves creating aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. Both disciplines focus on the use of materials and colour, the application of light and shade, the arrangement of furniture, and the use of plants and other landscape elements. They both also involve the careful consideration of a building’s cultural, economic, and environmental context.

However, there are some key differences between interior and urban design. Urban design is focused more on the public realm, while the interior design is focused on private spaces. Urban design is also concerned with the integration of buildings into the larger urban environment, while the interior design is focused on the details of a single building.

What Is the Relationship between Interior Design and Urban Design

The relationship between interior and urban design is a symbiotic one, as they work together to create a cohesive and enjoyable environment. Urban design is the overarching framework for the built environment and the foundation for interior design. It determines the layout of the city, the infrastructure, and the public spaces. It sets the stage for interior design by providing the context for the design of individual spaces.

At the same time, interior design has a huge impact on the urban environment. Good interior design can make a space more comfortable and inviting and can encourage people to stay in an area for longer. It can also help to create a sense of identity and belonging, which is essential for creating vibrant and attractive cities.

The relationship between interior and urban design is an essential one, and it’s important to understand the ways in which the two disciplines can work together. By understanding how to effectively combine interior and urban design, cities and towns can create vibrant and livable environments that are attractive to residents and visitors alike.


Interior and urban design have a relationship like two peas in a pod! They are intertwined and have a symbiotic relationship, with each contributing something special to the other. Interior design helps create a sense of place inside the city, while urban design helps to create an overall atmosphere in the city. Both play an integral role in making cities vibrant, stylish and inviting. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your cityscape or make a statement with your interior design, remember to consider both urban and interior design! Who knows, you may even start a new trend!

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