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What is a Green Hero?

Be the change you want to see.

I tried looking up ´green hero´ in the dictionary and nothing came up - does this mean a green hero doesn't exist??

Of course not - green hero´s do exist and we can all be one!

Kids in superhero costumes, Green Hero |

We all can do small efforts to make a change and make our planet a better place to live.

Mother Nature is battling against climate change and we all should help in this battle.ç

“A green hero wants to use his super powers to be the change in the world”

A green hero in Interior Design and Architecture

We as Interior Designers and Architects can make the difference when designing and imagining projects - we can present our clients ideas and techniques that for them wont make a huge difference, but the effect on our planet and consumption will be major.

Small things as sourcing, material use, durability, energy efficiency, water management, waste management and circular economy can be included in every project and might not make such a big difference in the budget.

We are always looking for partners and projects to collaborate with.

Everyday green hero activities

  1. Recycle and Reuse Don´t just throw everything away without thinking twice - a lot of things can be reused twice or even more. Think about plastic bottles, plastic bags, boxes, glass bottles, jars etc. we can easily give them a second life!

  2. Beach clean-up - five a day movement About 7 years ago i started picking up pieces of trash (mainly plastic) every time when i went to the beach and started to talk about this to my friends, convincing them about the #fiveaday idea. Since then my friends and I - every time we go to the beach we take each 5 pieces of trash that we find and take it to the garbage bin. It´s not only nice to see that people care about the planet, but it is also nice when you go next time to the beach you can just put your towel and don´t need to stress about everything that is left behind. If everybody would become part of this movement we might have to start searching to find the 5 pieces #fiveaday :)

  3. Forget your car We have become very used on taking our cars for everything and anything. But believe it or not, some places we can just walk to and it´s actually fun to walk and to see things that you never would have noticed when driving by.

  4. Turn of the lights I remember my mum when i was little always running after me and telling me to turn of the lights, little did i know back then that this small effort could make such a huge effort - high energy consumption is mainly because of light and heating - so yes mum i will turn of the lights and shut the door :)

  5. Buy local and seasonal Supermarkets are very convenient and we can find everything in one place, products from Brazil, Spain, India - but what we don't realise that a lot of these products have to travel a loooooooong way to get to our supermarkets and therefore are a huge part CO2 emissions. Specially for fruits and vegetables it doesn't make sense to have them travel all the way to another country, when we can buy from the local shops and make our local farmers proud and happy. Here in Portugal we have more and more projects popping up, that support local produce, and think about the community aspect at the same time.


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